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About Us

Solid Ground Staff creating a web of connectedness
Solid Ground staff create a web of connectedness

Our Mission...

Solid Ground works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty. 

Our Vision...

Solid Ground believes our community can move beyond poverty and oppression to a place where all people have access to quality housing, nutritious food, equal justice and opportunities to thrive.

Our Values...

Solid Ground is committed to working with compassion, integrity, accountability, creativity and an anti-oppression approach to end homelessness, hunger, inequality and other barriers to social justice. We value collaboration and leadership from the communities we serve.

Our Strategic Initiatives...

The extended recession has put more people in poverty with fewer resources available to help them. Solid Ground’s 2012-2013 Strategic Plan maps a way forward, builds upon our expertise, and brings renewed commitment and creativity to the challenges ahead. It will guide us to:

  • Combine and layer our services in a more holistic manner to address clients’ multiple needs.
  • Deepen our work where we have the most expertise to maximize our impact.
  • Advocate for system-wide changes that remove barriers faced by people living on low incomes.

At Solid Ground we are filled with hope and possibility about the work ahead. We anticipate making incredible contributions to our community. And we look forward to including you in this work!

Our History...

Solid Ground was founded in 1974 by community leaders and concerned citizens of one of Seattle's then most economically devastated neighborhoods, Fremont. Originally called the Fremont Public Association, our services emergency food bank, clothing bank, and employment program reflected the desperate needs and determined response of a mobilized and committed neighborhood.

  Solid Ground's 2014 Community Report


Community Report 2014
(most recent available)

Solid Ground Today...

As the scope and severity of homelessness and poverty have increased over the years, so too have our reach to our greater community and our range of services. Now based in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, in 2014 our 22 programs helped more than 60,000 households each year overcome poverty and build better futures throughout King County and beyond.











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