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~ Community Fruit Tree Harvest (project closed)

   volunteer picking apple tree

As of January 2014, Solid Ground no
longer operates the Community Fruit
Tree Harvest.
From 2005-2013, our volunteers, donors and staff worked together to harvest over 62,000 pounds of fruit, providing fresh, local, organic fruit to Seattle residents struggling to afford produce. While Solid Ground is ending our direct support of urban fruit gleaning, the need for fresh produce in the emergency food system continues. See below for information about other fruit gleaning organizations in our area and region, and resources to help you harvest and donate fruit yourself.

Fruit Gleaning Programs

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Seattle is home to several fruit gleaning programs. Here is a list of organizations and groups you can volunteer with to harvest fruit.

  • City Fruit: This membership-based organization focuses on stewarding urban orchards, promoting tree care for healthy fruit trees, and harvesting fruit for donation. (Serves NW, SE and West Seattle; contact for more information.)

  • Capitol Hill Fruit Harvest: This volunteer-run fruit harvesting program also works with Capitol Hill Housing residents and staff. (Serves Capitol Hill; contact for specific boundaries.)

  • Western Washington gleaning groups: These organizations serve areas outside of Seattle.

Harvest Fruit Yourself

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Harvesting fruit on your own can be very simple: Get some friends and neighbors together to harvest your trees, and find a place to donate the fruit.

  • GATHER IT! How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest: This step-by-step guide is packed with information to help communities start their own volunteer-based fruit harvest projects.

  • Where to Donate: Growing Produce for Others — What to Grow & Where to Give It: Lettuce Link maintains this comprehensive list of Seattle-area food banks, meal programs and low-income apartment buildings that gladly accept fresh produce donations, including fruit. The list includes contact information, best hours to donate, and preferred donations for each site.

Harvesting is done best with the right equipment, so check out one of these Tool Libraries to borrow ladders and other equipment.

Contact Us

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