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Solid Ground Transportation

Solid Ground Transportation (SGT) provides eligible community members curb-to-curb and door-to-door public transportation to medical appointments, visits with family or friends, work, grocery stores, etc. Drivers are trained to provide service for people needing greater assistance, including those in wheelchairs. Rides are reserved at your request and grouped together with riders going to similar destinations at similar times. Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Eligibility: To find out if you qualify for Metro Access services, call the Metro Access Eligibility & Registration Office: 206.263.3113, or go to the Metro Access website.

Scheduling: Eligible people may schedule rides through the Metro Access Ride Line: 206.205.5000 or the Find-A-Ride website, which helps people with special transportation needs, case managers, and agencies find transportation in the Central Puget Sound Region.

VIDEO: Driving from the Heart & out of Love
Solid Ground Access bus drivers Ninus and Kathy Hopkins have been driving the elderly and people living with disabilities to appointments throughout Seattle for over 26 years. As a mixed-race couple, they have endured countless acts of prejudice racism. Still, they serve in a spirit of community and love.

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Phone:          206.716.3840  
TTY:              7.1.1

FAX:             206.716.3858
Address:       Solid Ground Transportation (SGT)
                    8100 8th Avenue South
                    Seattle, WA 98108

Metro Access Eligibility & Registration Office: 206.263.3113

Metro Access Ride Line: 206.205.5000













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