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Lettuce Link

   Girl with lettuce

 Photo by Ben Feigert

Lettuce Link (an innovative food and gardening program growing and giving since 1988) creates access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce, seeds, and gardening information for families with lower incomes in Seattle. We work to educate the community about food security and sustainable food production.
On average each year, Lettuce Link programs get more than 50,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables onto the tables of people who need them in the Seattle area!

What We Do:

  • We encourage people to grow food for their families. To promote self-sufficiency, we distribute seeds, plant starts and gardening information to low-income gardeners all over the city.

  • We coordinate with over 60 P-Patch community gardens and 18 other giving gardens mobilizing and supporting P-Patch gardeners to plant an EXTRA row of produce for food banks and meals programs. In 2013, P-Patch and other community gardens donated 29,067 pounds of fruits and vegetables to over two dozen providers, helping hundreds of people supplement their diets with fresh, organic and local produce. (See our 2013 Giving Garden Donation Totals!) You can also download our garden signs to use in your P-Patch or community garden.

  • We garden and donate organic produce to food banks. At Marra Farm in the South Park neighborhood, we cultivate a 3/4-acre Giving Garden on this historic urban farmland, and donate harvests to a nearby food bank. Read more about our Giving Garden at Marra Farm.

  • We educate children about nutrition and sustainable food production. Also at Marra farm, we facilitate experiential learning programs so elementary students learn about healthy food and how to grow it.

  • Seattle Community Farm: In 2010, Solid Ground, Seattle Housing Authority and Seattle's P-Patch Program turned unused urban land in the Rainier Valley into a farm for local residents and volunteers. Produce grown at the Farm goes to neighborhood residents with lower incomes, the Rainier Valley food bank, and Teen and Childcare Programs.

Volunteer Information

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Interested in volunteering with Lettuce Link? Lettuce Link relies on dedicated volunteers to make our programs a success. Here are just a few ways you can contribute:

  • Help grow fresh, organic produce to donate at local food banks. Spend part of your day getting your hands dirty at the Giving Garden at Marra Farm.

  • Share your gardening knowledge with food bank clients and children. Spend part of your day distributing seeds at food banks or helping with the children's program at Marra Farm.

  • Bilingual? Help translate at Lettuce Link events. We are always looking for skilled translators, especially Spanish and Russian.

To apply to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 206.694.6825 or

Frequently Asked Questions

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"How do I sign up to volunteer for Lettuce Link?"
Scroll up to the previous section for volunteer information.

"Where can I donate my extra organic produce?"
Home gardeners with surplus produce can donate to local food banks and meals programs. Here's a list of local food banks & meals programs that will accept your veggies, including locations and hours.

"Can I donate my used gardening tools?"
Lettuce Link and our Community Fruit Tree Harvest and Marra Farm Giving Garden projects – are grateful for donations of gently used (unless otherwise noted) or new items. See our Gardening Wish List, or contact us directly at 206.694.6754 or to see if we have the need and/or storage space for larger items.

"Can I make a financial donation directly to Lettuce Link?"
Yes! Click the blue Donate button in the top right of this page, and choose "Lettuce Link" from the "Designation" dropdown menu.

"How else can I support Lettuce Link?"
Order a Lettuce Link Tote Bag! $20 each, and roomy enough to hold a large bag of groceries. Supply is limited; contact us to order yours today at or 206.694.6754.

More Information

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  • Lettuce Link brochure 

  • Gardening for Good Nutrition: A Guide to Growing Your Own Healthy Food: We created this useful guide to help people grow their own organic food and take control of their health needs. It offers simple-to-follow gardening and food preparation advice, basic nutrition information on over two-dozen crops, steps a beginning gardener can follow to set up container gardens or yard gardens, composting advice and a list of community resources. For a free printed copy of the full 32-page guide, please call 206.694.6746 x3 (donations to Lettuce Link are happily accepted).

  • Giving Garden Tips: This document outlines how you can create a successful Giving Garden at your P-Patch. It includes: 1) a food bank growing calendar for Seattle; 2) tips to help you solicit donations, improve soil, grow big yields in small spaces, protect your crops from pests and save seeds; and 3) a Produce Donation Record form to help you track donations to report to Lettuce Link.

  • Where to Donate: A comprehensive list of Seattle-area food banks, meal programs and low-income apartment buildings that gladly accept fresh produce donations, including contact information, best hours to donate, and preferred donations.

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Contact Us

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206.694.6754 (TTY: 7.1.1)



Lettuce Link at Solid Ground
1501 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103-6708













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