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Statewide Poverty Action Network

Because no one in America should be poor, the Statewide Poverty Action Network works to eliminate the root causes of poverty by:

  • Organizing communities
  • Encouraging public debate
  • Educating decision makers
  • Fostering dignity

Poverty Action is an alliance of individuals and organizations advocating for public policies that eliminate poverty across Washington State.

Poverty Action is a Solid Ground program, but they maintain their own website highlighting their efforts: Check it out for their latest policy priorities!

VICTORY: New Law to Prevent Foreclosure!
You can now ask for a face-to-face meeting with your lender by requesting foreclosure mediation. To request a meeting with your lender, contact a housing counselor or attorney by calling 1.877.894.HOME (4663).
What is foreclosure mediation?
Foreclosure mediation is a process where a neutral, third-party mediator assists the homeowner and the lender to reach a fair, negotiated agreement.

Why request mediation?
If you have not been able to get in touch with your lender, you can now request a face-to-face meeting to discuss alternatives to foreclosure. During mediation, the lender is required to negotiate with you in good faith.

Who is eligible?
• Homeowners who are in default on their mortgage and have
  not yet received the Notice of Trustee’s Sale
• Homeowners who live in owner-occupied properties

How can I request mediation?
Foreclosure mediation must be requested by a housing counselor or an attorney on behalf of a homeowner. To find a housing counselor call 1.877.894.HOME (4663).

How much does it cost?
The homeowner and lender each pay a $200 fee for the mediation. The fee must be paid prior to the mediation.

For more information on how to access foreclosure mediation, visit the Washington State Department of Commerce website or contact a housing counselor at 1.877.894.HOME (4663).

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