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Whether you have lost your home and need shelter or need help to stay in your current home, Solid Ground can help.

Read our Housing Assistance flyer for how to access various housing services Solid Ground offers, and see the links below for more information on specific programs.

Residential Services

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Residential Services provide emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing and comprehensive case management for formerly homeless families and individuals.

  • Broadview Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing programs provide a safe haven for homeless mothers with children at a secure location. Families also receive case management, children's programs, domestic violence and addictions support groups, parenting classes and housing search assistance.

  • Family Shelter serves homeless families and single parent households (headed by mothers or fathers), and provide furnished transitional housing, support services, comprehensive case management and housing search assistance.

  • Sand Point Housing provides critically needed transitional housing, affordable permanent housing and support services for formerly homeless families and individuals.

Stabilization Services

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Stabilization Services provide housing advocacy, case management and limited financial support to help people find and/or maintain safe, permanent housing.

  • JourneyHome provides case management for homeless families with children under 18 years old to help them address the reasons they became homeless. We provide support services, case management, assistance finding safe, permanent housing and limited transition-in-place subsidies.

  • King County Housing Stability Project offers one-time grants and loans for renters and homeowners in Seattle/King County at risk of eviction or foreclosure.

  • Seattle Housing Stabilization Services: Support for renters in Seattle who are at imminent risk of housing loss. Staff assist with stabilizing housing based on each tenant’s goals and needs, which may include budgeting, securing health services, job training, benefits and other related needs.

Supportive Services

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Supportive Services help people living on low incomes stay connected with telecommunications and other community resources, access public benefits, and gain skills for financial empowerment. We also offer housing counseling to support successful homeownership and tenancy.

  • ConnectUp helps people access free Community Voice Mail numbers and sends out Resource Wire messages with jobs, housing, health care and social services information.

  • Family Assistance provides information and referral, advice and direct legal representation for families and individuals who have had their state public assistance benefits reduced, terminated or denied.

  • Financial Fitness Boot Camp provides one-to-one assistance for those interested in developing a household budget, controlling and eliminating debt, and developing healthy financial habits for long-term stability. We also provide educational workshops for groups, organizations or communities on topics related to ensuring firm financial fitness through successful strategies.

  • Mortgage Counseling Services offer information and assistance on rights and responsibilities in the foreclosure process, and assistance with budgeting and negotiating with lenders for households experiencing a housing crisis resulting in risk of foreclosure. We also provide reverse mortgage counseling for senior homeowners. Educational workshops on the foreclosure process and other topics related to ensuring successful homeownership are available for groups, organizations or communities.

  • Tenant Counseling Services offer information and referrals provided on rights and responsibilities under the Washington State Residential Landlord-Tenant Act and applicable local statutes. Educational workshops on landlord-tenant laws and other topics related to ensuring successful tenancies are available for groups, organizations or communities.

Contact Us

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Housing at Solid Ground
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