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    Women in a circle - Photo by Crystal Ny'imah Byrd

 Photo by Crystal Ny'imah Byrd

MLK VISTA is an active partnership between Solid Ground, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and about 20 grassroots organizations in Seattle and King County. We work together to create innovative projects that strengthen, empower and support low-income communities.

MLK VISTA Site/Project List 13/14

Current MLK VISTA Members, click here for more information that pertains to you. For general information about MLK VISTA, read on.

MLK VISTA models Solid Ground's mission...

We work to end poverty by providing services in response to community needs, and by advocating for public policies that address racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty. 

MLK VISTA intends to...

  • Collaborate and find solutions to end poverty by working with all people and cultures  with an emphasis on communities of color.
  • Be accountable to the people we serve, and do work that is relevant to the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Support, cultivate and nurture the natural leadership that exists within the communities we serve.
  • Empower community members to have ownership in the activities, programs and decision-making processes of organizations that impact their wellbeing.
  • Review institutionalized systems and structures that create barriers and uphold environments that keep people in poverty.
  • Create a learning community that builds together by supporting and challenging one another with a commitment to personal growth.
  • Continually incorporate lessons learned from people affected by poverty and racism, including but not limited to community elders, social justice and undoing racism scholars and educators.

MLK VISTA believes...  

  • All people have the right to food, shelter, social justice and opportunity.
  • Our community has the resources and ability to end poverty.
  • Racism perpetuates poverty. To end poverty, we must undo racism.
  • Community interest, input and ownership are key to the development, growth and expansion of the community. True solutions to community issues are found within its citizens.
  • Power rests within the citizens of each community’s experiences. Therefore, the best evaluators of a community’s true condition lie in the wisdom of its members.

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